It’s time to be a Hero

We can truly see that Corona Virus has proved a lot – that everything around us is so temporary and at the end of the day, it’s our own home and family that keeps us safe. If there is one positive effect of the virus while most of us being inside our houses around the globe – in an effort to control the spread of the virus, it seems that we are finally giving the planet earth a huge breather from CO2 emissions. There have been social media posts circulating online about how Mother Earth is healing itself during the Covid-19 pandemic. Health workers are sacrificing so much while at the frontlines of the COVID-19 response, especially not seeing their own family. Other than medical personnel, there are other workers who continuously serves, our soldiers, police officers, shop personnel, guards, cleaners, and all those whose service is essential that they cannot stay home and thus serving as our first line of defense during this difficult time. All of them are also considered front-liners who are working daily to provide basic services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also the IT people that keeps the internet running worldwide in order for websites, software and all technological system continue to function efficiently so we can have uninterrupted updates of what is happening around the globe. Our farmers and livestock growers, food manufacturers, people who make sure that we have enough food supply.

It is very challenging that medical workers are separated from their family and not knowing when this will this pandemic ends so it can be safe for them to go home to their loved ones. They have a responsibility to take care of COVID-19 patients, taking care of people in this most vulnerable state, and fighting an invisible enemy. Long before this virus appeared and conquered our lives, the medical workers have been working and committed to serving the people, they have been frontliners for a long time but have not been noticed much. Not until now, not until COVID -19. Healthcare workers who directly work with COVID-positive patients are now outnumbered – because of their first-hand exposure to infected patients. A lot of them bravely serve people despite the risk of their own health and some of them even succumb to death. The government and a lot of private sectors have been working together to ensure that our men and women serving on the frontline are fully equipped with necessary protective gear and other relevant equipment needed to protect them from Covid-19 while serving and protecting the community. The government also works so hard to provide help to its people, food and cash assistance to be given to the poorest families – in order for us to avoid going out. To keep the community safe from the virus. To save our lives, so we should do out part – to stay home and be a hero. We should learn to obey the government for once. Stop the hatred and pray that this will soon be over.

Nevertheless, our dedicated healthcare workers continue to devote their time and energy to contain this pandemic. Thank you to our front liners, you are part of world history. We are so thankful for your sacrifices and great dedication to serve our fellow countrymen during this difficult time. We cannot thank you enough for your noble contributions and sacrifices. We know that you are very tired combating the outbreak and it is never an easy task as the psychological toll on you makes it even harder. The dedication you have shown us has given hope to everyone, that one day we will be able to fight this virus – and soon it will be gone. To all of you on the frontline, walk and work with your heads up at all times, you are the light in this darkness. You are our heroes.